skinceuticals & primacy



The SkinCeuticals line offers stabilized Vitamin C formulations of true broad-spectrum sunscreens and PRIMACY anti-aging Skin Care products. The formulation of SkinCeuticals incorporate the latest breakthroughs in research which indicate that topical Vitamin C is a key to anti-aging skin care. All SkinCeuticals products deliver a cosmetically elegant formulation of topical Vitamin C.

Sun Protection

SkinCeuticals sun protection products provide true broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Sunblocks contain Z-Cote HP1 (transparent zinc-oxide) which protects skin from both UVB rays (the rays that burn) and UVA rays (the rays proven to be responsible for premature signs of aging). Unlike the white zinc-oxide sunblocks of the past, SkinCeuticals sunblocks are clear, cosmetically elegant and perfect for daily use. The encapsulated design offers maximum protection with minimum ingredients which reduces the chances of irritation.

  • Daily Sun Defense SPF 20. This cosmetically elegant broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen is perfect for daily use under makeup or cosmetics. It contains 5% transparent zinc oxide.
  • Ultimate UV Sun Defense SPF 30. This broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen is designed for regular use by individuals with photosensitive skin or for use by anyone looking for added protection. The formulation includes 7% transparent zinc oxide for extra protection from damaging UVA rays.
  • Ultimate UV Defense Sport SPF 45. This is a water-proof, sweat-proof sunblock that contains 4.5% zinc oxide and delivers maximum protection during high-energy activities.


Primacy is an advanced anti-aging treatment system that contains the highest level of anti-oxidant protection available.

  • Primacy C+E. New research shows that a combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin E provides better anti-oxidant protection than Vitamin C or Vitamin E alone. This revolutionary super-antioxidant treatment contains unique formulation technology allowing pure Vitamin E to be added to pure Vitamin C—a combination previously thought to be impossible.
  • Serum 20. Offering the highest concentration of stable Vitamin C of any product available today, Serum 20 is formulated at the precise concentration proven to deliver maximum amounts of Vitamin C to the skin. This provides the highest level of anti-aging protection to the skin.