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My droopy neck was driving me nuts. It was very annoying not to look as young as I felt.
—Facelift Patient of Dr. Fleury

Only you can decide. But it's interesting to note that over 450,000 American men and women answered with a resounding "yes" last year. The reasons are many. Some patients tell us they were concerned about one or two specific signs of aging. Others were concerned that others saw them as tired or angry when they were not. While no facelift surgery can solve life's problems, many people say that they feel better after facelift surgery and love the positive response they encounter from others around them.

Facelift Quick Check Chart

This facelift chart is not meant as a diagnostic tool. We pulled it together to give you a sense of the range of procedures that might come into play in addressing some of the most common facial aging concerns we hear. If you identify with anything in the first column, you can see what might be considered as part of a solution in the others. Hopefully it will help you streamline your own facelift education process and it may help you formulate questions as you consult with plastic surgeons.

"People say I look angry." Forehead lift/ Browlift Collagen Injections
BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections
"I dislike these folds running from my nose to the corners of my mouth." Facelift Collagen Injections
Fat Injections
"I have dark circles under my eyes that makeup doesn't hide." Lower Eyelid Surgery  
"I have wrinkles all around my lips." Laser Resurfacing Chemical Peel
Laser Dermabrasion
"I look tired, even when I'm not." Eyelid Surgery  
"People say I look worried." Forehead lift/ Browlift BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections
"I want to get rid of this turkey gobbler neck!" Facelift/ Necklift  
"My eyes are puffy." Lower Eyelid Surgery  
"I want to eliminate the 'cords' that have appeared in my neck." Facelift/ Necklift  
"Can you get rid of all these little wrinkles?" Laser Resurfacing Chemical peel
"My jawline has disappeared." Facelift
Facial Implant
"My eyes look hooded." Upper Eyelid Surgery  
"Can you get rid of these deep horizontal lines on my forehead?" Forehead lift/ Browlift  
"My mouth feels droopy." Facelift  
"I have bags below my eyes." Lower Eyelid Surgery  
"I want to get rid of these crow's feet."   BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections
Collagen Injections
Fat Injections
"I have deep wrinkles."   Chemical Peel
"I don't feel sad, but I look sad." Forehead lift/ Browlift