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The Center for Plastic Surgery was established in 1986 when Dr. Albert F. Fleury, Jr., Dr. James H. French, Jr. and Dr. G. Wesley Price merged their individual practices. All are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. All are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Metropolitan Washington Society of Plastic Surgeons. They are all active on the clinical faculty at the Division of Plastic Surgery of Georgetown University Medical School.

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A Shared Philosophy

We are more than a practice of three skilled and experienced surgeons known for aesthetic judgment and the ability to understand our clients. We share a deeply held philosophy about facelifts and it is this: there is no one way to perform facial cosmetic surgery. What is right for any person depends on everything that makes that person unique—concerns about the signs of aging, hopes and sense of self.

We care about aesthetics, facial harmony and a natural look. We see every patient as unique and we approach every facelift as individualized. We restore youthful contours in an age-appropriate way and create a natural, youthful look for each patient.

In our practice, we make people look better, not different.
—Dr. Price

"All-or-nothing" approaches to facial cosmetic surgery and facelift procedures can lead to a look that is unbalanced, artificial, extreme, "windswept" or simply inappropriate for an individual. We find these excesses distasteful and the people who choose us agree. They value that we listen-to their concerns about signs of aging, their thoughts about what facial cosmetic surgery might do for them and their overall sense of self. They understand that the facelift we recommend is a safe, realistic combination of procedures—thoughtfully proposed—and that it will yield natural-looking results.

"What is a facelift?" gives you more detail about our approach to facial cosmetic surgery and why we feel so strongly that it is wise and appropriate.

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Is There A "Washington Facelift?"

Yes. And no.

No—in the sense that every patient is unique. Each person brings to the facelift process a highly differentiated sense of self, definite feelings about particular signs of aging and a personal vision of how facial cosmetic surgery might be of benefit. The program of surgical—and sometimes non-surgical procedures—that is ideal for one person, is not right for another.

It does wonderful things for me when someone comes up and says 'You look wonderful!' They have no idea I've had a facelift.
—Facelift Patient of Dr. Price

Yes—in the sense that we share with our clients the goal of achieving a natural, pleasing, harmonious balance that restores youthful contours in an age-appropriate way and subtly addresses other signs of aging. The result—the balanced recreation of youthful contours and subtle elimination of aging signs—we call "the Washington Facelift."

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We Have Two Locations In The Greater Washington DC Area.

Center for Plastic Surgery has offices in two locations—Chevy Chase, Maryland and Annandale, Virginia. Both are just minutes from the Washington Beltway. We see patients for consultations in both offices. Patients receive skin care, BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, collagen injections and other services in both offices as well.

As part of our Virginia office we maintain an accredited ambulatory surgery suite where we perform all types of outpatient cosmetic surgery. We also perform cosmetic surgery at the Surgery Center of Sibley Memorial Hospital in Northwest Washington DC regularly—and exclusively—for facelift patients who want to stay overnight.

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A Hospital-Quality Facility.

We maintain our own ambulatory surgery suite adjacent to our Northern Virginia office. This Center for Plastic Surgery facility includes state of-the-art equipment and a staff specifically trained in outpatient surgical care. The suite is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), which means it meets the high standards for patient safety and surgical excellence. AAAASF accreditation is your assurance of a hospital-quality facility designed specifically for plastic surgery and equipped with all of the state-of-the-art monitoring instrumentation necessary to ensure the safest possible operating conditions. Only facilities staffed by Board Certified plastic surgeons receive this accreditation.

The staff really cared how I got along. They thought about what I needed to know and made it easy to understand. It is a very caring culture.
—Facelift Patient of Dr. French

The support team of M.D. anesthesiologists and nurses has specific training and experience in cosmetic plastic surgery. Other assisting personnel include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and physicians' assistants—all specially trained in aesthetic plastic surgery. The Center for Plastic Surgery operating room supervisor has more than 15 years of experience managing plastic surgery surgical facilities. The outpatient care offered by the Center for Plastic Surgery assures you of warm, personalized attention while always respecting your right to confidentiality. The entire staff of The Center for Plastic Surgery welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

The Surgery Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital

Many things make the Surgery Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital ideal for our facelift patients. These include Sibley's reputation for medical excellence, board-certified anesthesiologists and the overnight stay option.

Spending the Night Is an Option.

The Surgery Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital provides the option of spending the night in a private room after surgery with personalized post-operative care by a registered nurse who specializes in cosmetic and facelift surgery. Many patients choose to add an extra night to enhance their sense of well being and to aid in the healing process.

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Listed Among Washingtonian's "Top Doctors" Year After Year

One of the great indicators of quality is a doctor who is chosen by other doctors as the "doctor of choice" in his specialty. Washingtonian Magazine began a survey which identified such doctors in the late 80s. Dr, Fleury, Dr, French and Dr. Price have been included in every one of those lists since they first began appearing—a testimony to their skill, artistry and reputation.

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