image of model used to protect patient privacy
It's wonderful. I look 15 years younger and I feel incredibly confident.
—S.G., Fairfax, Virginia

If you have a question about facelifts and facial cosmetic surgery, you have arrived at a place with answers. Here are the best practices of our profession—both surgical and non-surgical—in straightforward language.

What is a Washington Facelift?

In the Washington, D.C. area, plastic surgery patients are particularly concerned about privacy, and getting a subtle, natural result. "All-or-nothing" approaches to facial cosmetic surgery and facelift procedures can lead to a look that is unbalanced, artificial, extreme, "windswept", or simply inappropriate for an individual. We find these excesses distasteful.

The facelift we recommend is a safe, realistic combination of procedures—thoughtfully proposed—that will yield natural-looking results.

Learn All About Facelift Surgery

Within this web site you will learn why facial cosmetic surgery is both an art and a science and why every facelift is unique. Learn more about facelift plastic surgery with our interactive Video Patient Educator. Simply enter the particular aspects of your appearance you wish to correct and you will be guided through your options.

Along the way, we will share our particular philosophy and approach to facelift surgery. It is our pleasure to offer this site as a service to you and we're happy to tell you "why."